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Real Estate [land & farms]
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05 Dec 2016
at 09:00

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Important Notices: Reserve price is applicable. VENDOR BIDDING: This being an auction subject to a reserved or upset price as outlined in clause 3.2 of the General Rules of Auction, notice is hereby given in terms of section 45(4) of the CPA that, the seller, or the owner, or the auctioneer, or any other person on behalf of the seller, or the owner, or the auctioneer, as the case may be, may bid at the auction up to the reserve price but not equal to or exceeding the reserve price.. 10% Deposit is payable by the purchaser on the fall of the hammer amount achieved on auction. There is a 5% + VAT Buyer’s commission payable on the fall of the bid price Guarantees must be delivered by the purchaser within 30 calendar days after the acceptance date of the offer by seller. The seller will be held responsible to issue the electrical compliance certificate if applicable No guarantees are given by the seller. The property is sold as is (Voetstoots). Occupation and possession will be given on the date of registration, unless the parties agree to occupation before Registration where occupational rent will then be applicable. Should the purchaser take possession of the property prior to registration of the transfer the purchaser will pay 1% occupational interest on the balance of the purchase price from the date of acceptance, to the date of registration of the transfer; the interest will be payable monthly in advance, to the transferring attorneys. All rates and taxes will be paid up until the date of Registration of the property by the seller. The purchaser will be liable for all rates, taxes, water and electricity and other property levies or services from the date of registration onwards. The purchaser will not be entitled to make any alterations, improvements or additions to the property before the date of registration. The seller appointed attorneys are S M Sibeko. In the event where reserved price is not met in terms of regulation 28(6) of the CPA , and the seller has to accept or decline the highest bid after the completion of the auction, the highest bidder is bound by the Rules of Auction and shall not have the opportunity to withdraw his bid until the seller has confirmed or declined the sale, and therefore the highest bidder is still under obligation to complete the offer to purchase. The seller reserves the right to decline any offer.

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