• Realizing that South Africa’s auction industry lacks professionalism, ethics, equitableness, accountability, credibility and respectability;
  • And realizing that South Africa’s auction industry remains one of the most untransformed and inequitable industries more than twenty years after the dawn of democracy;
  • And realizing that opportunities exist to grow the auction industry by educating and introducing auctioneering to previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) and masses;
  • Now therefore, the founders of SAPAA resolved to establish a voluntary association not for gain with a mandate to achieve the purpose and objectives outlined in this Constitution.

Purpose, Aims and Objectives

The broad purpose of SAPAA is to establish a professional, ethical, equitable, accountable, credible and respectable auction industry. SAPAA’s aims and objectives are to:

  • promote and advance the business conditions affecting the auction industry and auctioneering profession;
  • professionalize the auction industry and auctioneering profession by; among other things, establishing minimum entry requirements into the auction profession, including educational qualifications, experiential requirements,
  • occupational designations and continuous professional development;
  • build the institutional capacity of its members by providing business and career development opportunities; including educational and training programs;
  • transform the auction industry by; among other things, creating conditions conducive to the entry and participation of PDIs, and promoting the equitable distribution of auction work;
  • achieve a substantial change in the racial and gender composition of ownership, management and control structures as well as in the skilled and specialist positions of new and existing auction enterprises;
  • influence the enactment of legislation, regulations, policies and programs conducive for the advancement of its purpose, aims and objectives; including but not limited to the regulation of the auction industry and the promotion of preferential procurement;
  • represent and coordinate the several and joint interests of its members;
  • promote ethical conduct within the auction industry by ensuring adherence to a code of conduct and only permitting ‘fit and proper’, honest and competent individuals and companies to practice as auctioneers;
  • educate and inform the public about the advantages of auction selling and buying; and
  • provide platforms for networking opportunities among SAPAA members, with the broader auction industry in South Africa, with the international auction community and other relevant stakeholders through engagements such as seminars, conferences as well as inbound and outbound trade missions.